About Eickhoff South Africa

Underground Mining Equipment and Industrial Gearboxes

Eickhoff South Africa was established in 1983. These days our primary business is the supply, maintenance, repair and rebuild of Eickhoff OEM Continuous Miners and Shearers in South Africa. Eickhoff South Africa also offers repair and maintenance services for Eickhoff OEM Industrial and Mining Gearboxes.

Continuous Miners

Eickhoff has developed a range of continuous miners to cover seam heights between 1.4 to 4.5 meters. The models are constructed from a set of standard components that allows interchangeability of most of the expensive subassemblies and conversion from one model into another to fit customer needs. This ensures optimized inventory and support.

Parts, Maintenance, Repairs and Training services

Eickhoff supports all its products with parts, maintenance, repairs and training services. A Service or Maintenance contract can be chosen by our customers as an additional option to their continuous miner. Depending on the option chosen these contracts can be specifically tailored to meet the customer’s maintenance needs and their budget. Eickhoff support services also include a 24 hour standby, parts delivery service, from our Wadeville premises and skilled staff to maintain, repair, troubleshoot and rebuild mining machines.

Training Programs

Eickhoff offers extensive training programs to its customers and its own employees. These include safety, operator training, maintenance, repair, performance optimization, diagnostics and fault-finding, inventory, parts identification, preservation, transport and handling.

Why Choose Eickhoff?

Our rugged, reliable and proven equipment, in combination with optimized cutting technology and machine design, result in high productivity, long service life and low total costs of ownership of our products. This together with our Field Service Support offers an optimum solution to our customers in the coal mining industry.