CM2 Series

Continuous Miners

Eickhoff mining machinery is well known for its reliability and robust design. Based on more than a century of experience in manufacturing mining equipment, gearboxes and steel castings, our Continuous Miners have proven their outstanding capabilities under the toughest conditions in coal mining.

The machine's concept has been steadily refined, in close cooperation with our customers, to meet the highest demands in terms of safety, productivity and maintainability. Eickhoff Continuous Miners are designed for operation in challenging mining conditions and can be easily adapted to meet specific customers' requirements.

Hydraulic Version - The CM2H type is a field-proven traction system driven by hydraulic motors providing significant advantages in wet and muddy floor conditions.

Interchangeability of Components - Four different types of Eickhoff Continuous Miners are available for cutting face heights from 1.4m up to 4.5m. All machine types share a large number of components that allow for interchangeability and optimized stock management.

Eickhoff  currently  offers  four  different  continuous  miner  models,  the 30 type, the 36 type, the 37 type and the 45 type whereas the 30 type can cut from a minimum cutting height of 1.4m to a maximum of 3.0m and the 45 type from a minimum cutting height of 2.2m to a maximum of 4.5m. The 36 and 37 type offer cutting heights in between these ranges. Individual models can be customized to suite customer specific requirements. The customization includes add-on's like lights, methane monitoring, colour, drum lacing to suit cutting conditions, safety markings, and proximity detection.