Exceptional Service at Your Doorstep

Direct, prompt and without compromise – our service network of specialists strive to ensure optimal service for your continuous miner. Our highly qualified and experienced team provides you, amongst other things, with the following services:

Service Support

Our engineering service staff is ready to consult with you directly, extensively and competently. In addition to this they devise service concepts for optimizing the availability of your machines, using means such as production data reporting or condition monitoring systems as preventative maintenance and early damage detection. This also consists of the life cycle management and consideration of spare parts inventories.

On-site Service

From commissioning through to training and troubleshooting, as well as repairs on the surface of the mine, you can count on our experienced service staff to support you to ensure optimal availability even for used and overhauled machines.


Repairs to your component parts and / or complete machines are conducted at our Wadeville workshop.

We offer a wide range of services, including the periodic major overhauling of your machines as part of our portfolio.