Industrial Gearboxes:

How Are Gearboxes used?

Gearboxes are used across a variety of industries because they serve many functions. An industrial gearbox, in its simplest definition, is a collection of gears that increase either torque or speed, but usually not both. These machines can be found attached to conveyor belts and in cooling towers, among many other areas. In fact, many industries will use a mix of gearboxes depending on the functionality required by each task. Some of the largest sectors these machines are used in include the paper, cement, sugar, and steel industries.

Why Choose our industrial Gearboxes.

Within our group of companies, we benefit from a broad vertical range of manufacturing experience. For example:

Our foundry has an extensive knowledge base in metallurgy which it utilizes in making its quality high-grade castings.

Our gear manufacturing team is highly competent in the fields of gear component manufacturing including heat treatment and casting machining as a result of their long-standing experience in the production of high-performance mining machinery and gearboxes.

The new Eickhoff planetary gearboxes are designed according to a modular principle. The distinguished characteristics is their high power density and compactness.

The selected gradation of sizes in conjunction with the available ratios provide for a wide range of industrial applications.

Nominal output torque capacity is now within the range of 220.000 Nm to 7.280.000 Nm and can be increased on a special request. All gear teeth are designed to be long-life fatigue resistant for the stated nominal torques.

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