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The Eickhoff SL 300 L, coming with innovative control and automation technology in combination with two powerful 300 kW cutter motors which are housed in a machine body of just 75 cm in height, is a novelty in high-performance thin seam mining for seam thicknesses starting from as low as 1.2 m.

A high degree of user and maintenance friendliness plays an important role in this market segment. Prepared with cutting edge automation concepts for remotely controlled operation alongside a sophisticated construction concept, the Eickhoff SL 300 L offers the highest availability rates while requiring only very short periods of maintenance.


The Eickhoff SL 750, having been put into operation in US high-performance longwall systems for the first time in 2006, received a throughout positive feedback on its use. And also the subsequent worldwide installation of further machines of this type fulfilled all expectations by far. According to the unanimous opinion of the customers, higher production rates are achieved more economically when using the Eickhoff SL 750 shearer loader.


The shearer loaders SL-300/400 are designed for the layers extraction of average and high power according to the shuttle and unilateral operational schemes. Layer extraction is carried out by one or two cutting units, along with this the front forms the roof excavating the layer on the full gage of the cutting unit, and the rearward forms the bottom. Both cutting units are fitted with protective shields.


The Eickhoff SL 900 has high flexibility in varying seam thicknesses ranging from 2.4 to 6 meter, as well as having an installed power of more than 2500 kW. This Eickhoff shearer loader covers a wide spectrum of cutting ranges while the power reserves provide enormous potential for increased production rates


One of the outstanding examples of German engineering: The Eickhoff SL 500 has been a steady peak performer in the international hard coal mining industry for nearly two decades. Introduced to the mining world in 1994, the SL 500 was originally designed with a total installed power of 1,130 kW. Nowadays, it comes with an impressive 2,015 kW and is thus ideally suited also for today‘s most demanding underground conditions. Owing to its constantly high availability, the Eickhoff SL 500 has earned a worldwide reputation as a ‚real workhorse‘.


Eickhoff is a global supplier of powerful longwall shearer loaders for the coal mining and minerals industries. Eickhoff offers a range of shearers to suit a variety of conditions often encountered in the mining industry.


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